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VietChallenge cooperates with its partner VinaCapital Ventures - Investment Fund venture capitalist of VinaCapital to organize a special exam branch, namely VinaCapital Ventures - VietChallenge Later Track 2020 (V3 Track for short).

In the context of the Covid epidemic - all businesses of different sizes are affected. According to the latest statistics in Vietnam, 89.7% are small businesses; more than 92% of micro enterprises were "attacked" by SARS-CoV-2 in the past time; however, even large enterprises with a long tradition cannot avoid being affected when 95% of groups and corporations face difficulties due to Covid-19. V3 Track is designed with special criteria to select small and micro tech startups / businesses with suitable products, services and solutions and directly connect with large corporations. V3 Track organizers believe that the competition will bring practical value to startups and large corporations.

V3 Track's itinerary will select a Champion Team with a total prize value of up to $ 50,000.

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VinaCapital Fund Management Company (“VCFM”) is one of the leading companies in the field of financial investment in Vietnam. Founded by VinaCapital Group in 2012 and operating under the name VinaWealth Fund Management Joint Stock Company until before July 2017, VCFM was licensed by the State Securities Commission to establish and manage the investment funds, portfolio management and investment advisory services. VCFM serves Vietnamese and foreign investors. VCFM's vision and goal is to provide the most optimal investment solutions for investors, as well as the best knowledge of investment, finance, and customer care services.